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The Mauritius IFC Online Forum is a discussion platform brought to you by the Financial Services Promotion Agency (FSPA), in line with its mandate for the development and promotion of the financial services sector.

The purpose of the Forum is to allow a multi-stakeholder approach to address key topics related to the financial services sector and to enhance the product offerings of the Mauritius IFC. The ambition of this Forum is to create a unique environment for industry professionals and other stakeholders to engage and to provide valuable insights, suggestions and comments, thus establishing a direct line of dialogue. The Mauritius IFC Online Forum will also be a key instrument for the future orientation of our financial centre.

The Mauritius IFC Online Forum also allows for direct interaction from select social media platforms. A series of working papers are also being posted in the ‘Knowledge Base’ section of the Forum by the FSPA for various stakeholders to comment on.

Forum Members

Forum Leadership

Mr. Gérard Sanspeur, Chairman of the Financial Services Promotion Agency (FSPA)
A strategic thinker abreast of the latest managerial trends and technological applications, Mr. Sanspeur has been solicited to leverage his proven leadership capabilities and broad hands-on experience to inspire and orient BOI with a view to maximizing the agency’s operational efficiency.  His competence and ease in the fields of finance, business innovation, project management and creation of new sectors are expected to have a significant bearing on the performance of BOI at a time when FDI inflows are crucial for the country to successfully embark on a high-income path.

Mr. Sanspeur’s professional career spans some thirty years during which he has served in a multiplicity of key positions in the Mauritian private and public sectors. Following his assignments under the aegis of international organisations like UNCTAD in various African States, his input for the acceleration of the implementation of BOI’s strategies regarding investment promotion, project development, business facilitation and, in particular, the Africa Strategy to enhance the role and impact of the Mauritian business platform on the national and regional growth will be much sought after.

Mr. Harvesh Seegolam, Chief Executive of the Financial Services Promotion Agency (FSPA)

Prior to joining the FSPA, Harvesh was Director of the Innovation, Technology & Services cluster at the Board of Investment, the investment promotion agency of Mauritius.

He has successfully advised a number of global and local operators with respect to setting up in Mauritius in the fields of banking, private equity, investment funds, legal services and wealth management, manufacturing and ICT amongst others.

Harvesh holds a BSc (Hons) in Economics and an MSc in International Finance, in addition to several other qualifications in accountancy and finance. He is an alumnus of the London School of Economics & Political Science, the University College London, Durham University, as well as the SKEMA “Grande Ecole de Commerce” in France.

He is also a visiting faculty at key universities and a regular speaker at international forums.

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