Mauritius IFC Consultative Workshop 2017: Establishing a line of dialogue between industry operators, experts and key Government Institutions

In view to further enhance the strategy for the development of The Mauritius IFC, the Financial Services Promotion Agency supported by industry associations has organised the first Consultative Workshop with various stakeholders of the financial services industry on 13th & 14th March 2017 at BPML Conference Hall, Ebene.

The Mauritius IFC Consultative Workshop 2017 aimed at establishing a line of dialogue and series of consultations between the operators of our financial services sector, industry associations and experts, as well as key Government institutions.

During the two-day’s workshop, captains and other stakeholders of the Financial Services industry exchanged views and ideas on the twelve themes identified by the FSPA and industry operators to charter the way forward for the Mauritius International Financial Centre.

This long awaited strategic dialogue exercise has seen the participation of more than 140 financial services experts.  This workshop has also marked the defining new partnership between the private sector and the key institutions of the financial services industry.

Deliberations made over the two days will be instrumental in crafting the outcome document which will set the base for Inputs and measures for the next budget.  This workshop paves the way for a new era in the financial services industry and the global business sector.


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